Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Do we have a corrupt FA?

As Im sure you all know, Suarez has been the target for the FA in the past months. An FA statement said the 24-year-old Uruguay striker had used words that ‘included a reference to Mr Evra’s colour’ when United and Liverpool met at Anfield on October 15, which amounts to a serious breach of the governing body’s rules.

After having spent a further four days considering evidence from the disciplinary hearing, Suarez also found himself with a compulsory £40,000 fine. On top of his Evra incident he was then banned a further game and fined £20,000 for a gesture aimed at fulham fans. This however, wasn't deemed adequate enough for the FA. Our Club were given a further £20,000 for failure to control our players.

There has been speculation that Suarez has received interest from many other clubs, as Im sure this is true, despite being primarily reported on the likes of and , both which often just make up stories, similar to the sun. [NB. If you really are a true LFC fan, DO NOT BUY THE SUN. YNWA]. In my opinion, one of King Kenny's best aspects is creating a great team chemistry and Suarez has become part of our set up extremely quickly. It is clear that he is loyal to the club, this was shown last week when we offered him a week off to clear his mind, however he insisted he continued to train with the team. 

However all the recent speculation, could change his mind and drive him away. I hope he stays with us as he is totally innocent and shouldn't be driven away by all those people who jump on the band-wagon and don't even know the full story. I hope teams don't terrorise him when he plays away as it might upset him and make him leave, at home he will always be loved so hopefully this is enough to keep him with us. Evra said, 'don't touch me you south american' and Suarez replied with with 'por que negro' which means, 'why black?'. I think both comments are the same so if Suarez is racist then so is Evra. The only difference is Evra reported him first and he plays for the FA's favourite team, Man Utd.

Finally, if the FA continue to pick out Suarez, Liverpool players or in fact any foreign player (from any team), it will become evident that something needs to be done. Time will tell, in the wake of the John Terry/Anton Ferdinand situation, we can only to see the outcome until we really know the situation of the FA. (However, he is the English captain) Mmmm...

Ollie Ayton (@o_ayton)

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