Saturday, 14 January 2012

Liverpool Vs Stoke: Match Report

Another missed chance. As we rack up our seventh home league draw, we begin to wonder why.. Was it Bellamy not staring that brought us that shame? We weren't at the Britannia so we can only wonder how this happened. Before the game,  I predicted 2-0 Liverpool, however today was not to be.

Dirk Kuyt was our only serious chance wasted, a chance from 8 yards out that would have seen us climb to 5th above Arsenal, despite them having a game in hand. A frustrating afternoon for all Red's fans was marred by a missed header by Skrtel over the bar, and a debatable shout for a penalty by the former magpie, Andy Carroll.

Kenny Dalgish started an adapted formation, playing 5 defenders, 4 midfielder's, and Kuyt alone up top. This tactic was sure not to concede, however it was clear that we simply struggled to build and create the chances needed. Anfield's crowd once again home early, another frustrating day that brought only 1 point home.  While staying unbeaten at home, we could potentially now call Anfield 'the fortress', however 7 draws in 11 home games is not a record to boast about. King Kenny needs to sort his home game tactics once and for all. In my opinion, it is madness not starting Bellamy, who has netted six goals so far this season since joining on a free-transfer from Manchester City. 5 defenders...really? We can do better than that, making the most of Henderson does not come through defensive tactics, he is an attacking player and needs all the support he can get.

I was not able to be there today or in fact watch the game so there is not much else to report. However all I am left to say is that: Kenny needs to sign a World Class Striker, to knock the goals in whilst Suarez is banned, and when back double the trouble.

Ollie Ayton, LFC Blogspot - @o_ayton

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